“The thing that shocks me and which I really try to change is the lukewarmness, the indifference, the kind of taking pictures that really doesn’t matter.” – Lisette Model

Well, the great photographer Lisette Model made that comment long ago but, judging from the kind of "curator-approved" work being exhibited these days, it still seems relevant. I hope my photos matter. They matter to me, and they were taken with the kind of care and concern that one gives to something that matters and needs to be shared with others. I hope that in presenting these photos I have succeeded in conveying the care/ concern/ thought/ love that I have felt for these people, places and "things."

I have been involved in the arts all my life - as an actor, musician, arts administrator and photographer. I have faced many challenges in my life, and after each challenge has been overcome I've found myself just that much more thankful to be alive and that much less tolerant of those artists who portray life with "the lukewarmness, the indifference" that Lisette Model decries.

Although I now work almost exclusively with digital photography, many of these photos were originally taken in 35mm. As my understanding of what is truly best and most representative of my work increases, I expect this website will evolve and become a better representation of my work. Thank you for viewing this website. Your comments are encouraged and appreciated.

Henri Cartier-Bresson once said that  "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst." I got a late start in photography, so excuse me as I leave to take more photos. Even with a digital camera, I've got a lot more shooting to do before I reach that number!